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IPEN - What Solution Provider is the Best for You, North Carolina Electronic Notary?

  Hello Notaries of North Carolina, were you aware, electronic notarization has been available in North Carolina since 2005 under the Electronic Notary Act. At sometime between 2020 - 2022 North Carolina changed the language from electronic notary to in-person electronic notary aka IPEN to help specify more of what we do in this State when performing this type of notarization because a RON aka remote online notary also handles electronic notarization in a very different way that NC notaries does not perform as of this date. Speaking of RON, in North Carolina it is called REN, remote electronic notarization, because a notary must be an electronic commissioned notary also. This class is only 3.5 hours and can be taken at your local community college.  In notary language IPEN an adjective means in-person electronic notary. Well in this article we are speaking the same language, however, we will be covering what the noun, IPEN is.  As the demand for electronic notarization continues to gro