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Six Critical Errors That Could Lead to Legal Action Against Notaries for Fraud and Malpractice

  The role of a notary public, while often viewed as merely procedural, carries significant legal responsibilities 📜. Notaries serve as impartial witnesses to the signing of documents, playing a crucial role in deterring fraud and ensuring that signatories are fully aware and willing participants in the agreements they enter into 🖊️. Despite the straightforward nature of their duties, notaries must navigate potential pitfalls that could lead to serious legal consequences, including allegations of fraud and malpractice. This article explores some of the most serious mistakes notaries make. 1- Notarizing for someone who isn’t present at the time 🚫 The primary purpose of notarization is to deter fraud and ensure the trustworthiness of signed documents. Notarizing in the absence of the signer eliminates the opportunity to perform essential checks and facilitates fraud and document tampering 📑. Notarizing for someone who isn’t present undermines the legal foundation of notarization and