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The Notary's Right to Refuse Service in North Carolina: A Comprehensive Understanding

Hello NC Notaries and General Public! Today we're tackling a particularly critical aspect of notary practices in North Carolina: The Right to Refuse Service. In the line of duty, notaries are faced with a myriad of documents, each with its own importance and implication. It's the notary's duty to notarize documents that are legal, truthful, and in the interest of public good. This role, however, also brings up the question: What if a document contains false information? Can a notary refuse to notarize such documents? Let's dig into the specifics and find our answers in the North Carolina General Statutes (N.C.G.S. 10B-22(a)) and North Carolina Administrative Code (18 NCAC 07B .0903). # Right to Refuse Service: A Notary's Stance According to N.C.G.S. 10B-22(a), a notary is strictly prohibited from completing a notarial certificate if he or she believes it contains false information. This statute ensures that notaries serve as a trusted and integral part o