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What is the Hype About EVN, IPEN, & RON?

Understanding Our POWERS as a Notary Public ARE VERY IMPORTANT! Know what these terms are: eNotary, IPEN, EVN, and RON. eNotary/IPEN: An electronic notary for North Carolina is an In Person Electronic Notary that is commissioned to assist a principal signer(s) with having documents electronically notarized on an electronic device such as a desktop computer, iPad, tablet, and or laptop. A preapproved software platform will be used during this transaction. The principal signer(s) MUST appear in front of the notary. Everything applies in this interaction as if you were going to physically stamp your notary seal onto a document for a principal signer(s). The one difference is that all documents will be executed electronically and not on actual paper. Register for the class today at your local or nearest community college or university: EVN: An Emergency Video Notarization requires a notary to video conference a principal signer in

Costly Mistakes Notaries Should Avoid

Notaries Public in North Carolina as well as other states have limits within their powers. Recognizing what they are is key to not putting themselves in the position of violating any of the NC Notary laws.  These are some the "costly mistakes notaries should avoid": Notarizing any document without the principal signer(s) physically appearing before them. Explaining a document to a customer when it comes to the details that are on the document.  Giving a customer any advice regarding a document.  Drafting a document for a customer that they need or want to have notarized.  Leaving their notary seal and or stamp unsecured.  Accepting a payment that exceeds the amount of the per signature fee. Charging and accepting a travel fee before it's a mutually agreed upon amount in writing from the customer. Not having fees posted that is visible if you are in an office and charge for notarizing documents. Allowing another notary to document anything in your notary public journal. Af

A Historical Moment for North Carolina Notaries Public

Landmark Remote Online Notarization Bill Approved to Make RON the Law of the Land in North Carolina RALEIGH – Governor Cooper has signed a bill that allows notaries to use internet technologies to identify people and notarize their signatures remotely. This significant legislation means homebuyers will soon be able to close loans and buy houses from the comfort of their couch, marking a major advance in Secretary of State Elaine F. Marshall’s twenty-five year effort to lead the digital transformation of North Carolina’s business environment. Because of the extensive work required to implement permanent Remote Online Notarization (RON), the portion of House Bill 776 addressing RON becomes effective July 1, 2023. Emergency video notarizations will resume, effective immediately, as a stop-gap measure to allow video notarizations while permanent RON procedures are being put in place. “Everyone in North Carolina needs to be able to sign contracts safely and conveniently, without sacrificing