Costly Mistakes Notaries Should Avoid

Notaries Public in North Carolina as well as other states have limits within their powers. Recognizing what they are is key to not putting themselves in the position of violating any of the NC Notary laws. 

These are some the "costly mistakes notaries should avoid":

  • Notarizing any document without the principal signer(s) physically appearing before them.
  • Explaining a document to a customer when it comes to the details that are on the document. 
  • Giving a customer any advice regarding a document. 
  • Drafting a document for a customer that they need or want to have notarized. 
  • Leaving their notary seal and or stamp unsecured. 
  • Accepting a payment that exceeds the amount of the per signature fee.
  • Charging and accepting a travel fee before it's a mutually agreed upon amount in writing from the customer.
  • Not having fees posted that is visible if you are in an office and charge for notarizing documents.
  • Allowing another notary to document anything in your notary public journal.
  • Affixing your stamp or seal on anything that isn't a notarial act and or on a separate page than your signature. 
  • Notarizing their own signature.
  • Performing a notary act after their commission has expired.
  • Loan or give your seal or stamp to anyone else.
  • Signing their name differently than it appears on the their commission or notary seal.
  • Completing a certificate that is not in the English language.
  • Choosing a loose certificate for the customer.
  • Notarizing a MVR-191 Form, "Certificate of Title" "First Re-assignment by Owner" without the buyer's name and address in the certificate.
  • Sign and seal a document without a complete notarial certificate. 

Please remember every state has its own laws and then we share common notary practices. It's imperative that you know and understand the difference. This is why connecting with your State's Notary organizations and other groups that are relative to North Carolina will help you more efficiently. Join the NCNA, North Carolina Notary Association,

To learn more ways to improve your skills as a notary public, register for the in-person and online training opportunities given by Belinda B. Bennett, a Commissioned North Carolina Notary Public Instructor that advocates for notaries and help them advance to the next level.




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