What is the Hype About EVN, IPEN, & RON?

Understanding Our POWERS as a Notary Public ARE VERY IMPORTANT!

Know what these terms are: eNotary, IPEN, EVN, and RON.

  • eNotary/IPEN: An electronic notary for North Carolina is an In Person Electronic Notary that is commissioned to assist a principal signer(s) with having documents electronically notarized on an electronic device such as a desktop computer, iPad, tablet, and or laptop. A preapproved software platform will be used during this transaction. The principal signer(s) MUST appear in front of the notary. Everything applies in this interaction as if you were going to physically stamp your notary seal onto a document for a principal signer(s). The one difference is that all documents will be executed electronically and not on actual paper. Register for the class today at your local or nearest community college or university: https://www.nccommunitycolleges.edu/about-us/main-campuses

  • EVN: An Emergency Video Notarization requires a notary to video conference a principal signer in any of the 100 North Carolina counties. There are no electronic signatures done in this way, so being an eNotary isn’t required, however, you will have to identify the state/federal issued ID along with the principal signer(s)’s face alongside the ID as well as every document that must be signed must be shown to the notary through video as the principal signer can be seen in the video signing document(s) by notary. You may refer to the EVN YouTube video created by our Director of the Notary Enforcement & Electronic Notary Division: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NFU2P1pnK4s

  • RON: Remote Online Notarization allows North Carolina Notaries in all 100 counties the ability to electronically notarize documents online through a software that has been preapproved by the NC Secretary of State. The RON Bill that passed on July 8, 2022 makes this possible for us to look forward to on July 1, 2023. Our electronic devices that have internet video conferencing capability will allow us to notarize a document for a principal signer(s) anywhere in the state of North Carolina, the United States, and US international territories. 

Do you want to improve your skills as a commissioned notary public? Get started today with a simple conversation from one North Carolina Notary to another North Carolina notary. 

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