Do You As A Notary Feel Overwhelmed or Lost?


For both new and experienced notaries in North Carolina, our commissions expire five years after being recommissioned. The Secretary of State does not require continual education, nor is it mandatory. After rethinking a lot of things since 2015, when the new edition of the North Carolina Notary Public Manual came out, I found that many of the details that were in the manual when I first became a notary in 1998 were no longer there. Year after year, I would hear notaries complain about feeling lost and avoiding customers who needed titles notarized, as well as being intimidated when an attorney-in-fact presented documents, and how they were doing a lot of things wrong and had stopped notarizing anything entirely. 

In 2018, I decided to start "The NC Certified Notary Signing Agent Confident Training" because NC Notary Law doesn't recognize "signing agents." It's in black and white on page 62. This class focused on in-person, hands-on training for those who are learners and receive information better this way. Fast forward: I've received my certification as a Commissioned NC Notary Public Instructor. On November 12th, I held my first in-person workshop and went over more in-depth aspects of the manual covering "general notary work" than we did in the initial class. Notaries learned how to notarize wills, powers of attorney, car titles, and bill of sale documents. They were able to role-play carrying these out with a partner. So when I say the goal is for you to walk away with more than you came with, the proof is in the experience. Many traveled over 3 hours to attend, and that shows their level of commitment to improving their powers as notaries. 

Right after the event ended, many of the notaries approached me inquiring about attending another workshop to help cover more because there's so much to "Always be learning." It moved me to decide to make this a reality for them and you so Part 2, will be on February 11, 2023, after the online training video for Part I is launched this December. You may see more up-to-date event information on our site, 

Upcoming is the "Be About Your 'Notary' Business." Notaries you will learn how to build a solid foundation for your notary business along with using the accessible and affordable and many free applications that's right at your fingertips, literally. You will understand strategies to build your earnings of receiving $10 per notarial act, to how others have managed to earn over time $100 - $1K a month. Take advantage of our payment options so that you may get started right where you are!


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