Happy National Notary Public Day

Please express your gratitude to the notaries public in your life on November 7th, Notary Public Day.

Without the skill and care of a notary public, transactions that are crucial to the normal functioning of our daily lives would be impossible. There are approximately 4,8 million notaries public in the United States, all of whom serve the public interest as reputable public officers.

On November 7, 1975, the first Notary Public Day was observed to "recognize notaries for their public service and contributions to national and international business." This is my birth year and it's amazing to know that other fellow notaries were acknowledged and this day was decided to become a date of recognition for notaries.

Since the time of the ancient Romans, notaries have recorded events of judicial and commercial significance, as well as private transactions requiring professional expertise and honesty.

Notaries are essential to the free flow of trade and the numerous extremely sensitive personal transactions that occur on a daily basis. Notaries avoid fraud and improve the integrity and dependability of document transactions by carrying out their duties as impartial witnesses properly. They accomplish this by authenticating the signer's identification and evaluating the signer's comprehension, competence, and willingness to sign.

The date of November 7 was chosen as Notary Public Day in honor of Thomas Fugill's appointment as the first notary in the United States. The Colony of New Haven appointed Fugill on October 25, 1639 (Julian calendar), or November 7 on the current Gregorian calendar.

November is a very special month for me as a notary public. My journey as a Notary began in November 1998 as an employee for North Carolina State Department of Social Services, Child Support Division. 

In honor of National Notary Public Day, Notaries nationwide may take advantage of the upcoming online LIVE workshop, "Be About Your "Notary" Business."

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