Organizations for a North Carolina Notary

As a notary public for North Carolina we oftentimes wonder how can we have access to resources that will help us more in our field. The Secretary of State is a good start because it has a wealth of information on their site: will give you a lot of assistance. Periodically the layout may change so I encourage you to set 15 minutes or more to navigate through the site to familiarize yourself with what they have we can utilize. In my training I go over "loose certificates" that are all found on the SOS website. Many of you notaries have heard of the NNA aka National Notary Association. Well this association is great for a lot resources mainly for notaries that are interested in becoming "independent contractors" or "signing agents" to facilitate mortgage loan closings. Due to their time of being in business and the notaries they have assisted in all 50 states they are known as the preferred company by many signing services that will consider partnering with a notary signing agent that has been through their certification course. This is not the only way a notary public can become certified as a notary signing agent because all states have different notary laws that must be followed as a notary public for your respective state. 

With this being said, the North Carolina Notary Association is a resource that offers notaries of North Carolina insightful information when you invest in having an affordable annual membership. They host annual conferences that help share information notaries can benefit from knowing about what's going on in the industry and changes legislation may have made or is making. The North Carolina Notary Association is a  non-profit North Carolina Corporation organized to benefit all notaries in North Carolina. Our purpose is promotion of excellence in Notary work, encourage continued education and information to Notaries and work towards those objectives that are in the best interest of notaries, and the public that they serve across the State. 

Below are some highlights of our April 2023 Annual Conference held in Wilmington, North Carolina. "Opportunity Knocking" was the theme and it was the place to be this year to know and understand what's upcoming for notaries public statewide with great company, speakers, and resources. Do yourself a favor and join today. You have 1 to 5 year options that can align with your commission term at an affordable rate. You look forward to growing and being able to assist the general public and our fellow notaries when we become a committee member. We have seats that want to be filled by notaries that possess skills and talents that are complimentary to the positions as well as volunteers. It takes a village, let's lead the way to greater possibilities TOGETHER!!!



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